ULift DIY Auto Repair

Located in Salem, NH, ULift garage is an all inclusive "do-it-yourself" garage. Offering automotive lifts and tools to complete any project


U Drive It-U Break It-U Fix It-U Save$$

Want to do your own repairs on your car but don't have the tools? Need a lift to get your repairs done? ULift DIY Auto Repair is the solution to what you need! We have 5 lifts and all the tools to get the job done! Get your parts at dealer discounted prices and feel confident that your repairs are done correctly, BY YOU!

Our Rates


Ideal for small jobs and initial inspections

Assisted Hourly

Need a hand? Let one of our experts help you

Half Day

Ideal for larger projects and car detailing

Full Day

Ideal for major projects or a group of multiple small ones


ULift Auto Repair is located just off Main Street in Salem NH. We have a fully functional automotive shop with five lifts and six bays. The ULift difference is rather than paying your dealership or auto shop huge sums of money, you can SAVE by doing it yourself, while learning in the process. No project is too big and no person is too inexperienced. We aim to teach everyone and provide the space for fellow enthusiasts to complete their projects. Send us a message today! 
  • DIY Lift Rental
    Rent your very own lift and bay and complete the jobs that would otherwise have you laying on your back. Great for anyone who wants to get off the ground and do their own repairs.
  • Assisted Lift Rental
    Don't feel 100% confident in your automotive abilities? No problem. Our Assisted Lift Rental program teams you up with a professional who will guide you every step of the way. Great for beginners!
  • Half or Full Day Lift Rental
    Have a long project that will require a full day or even longer? Ask us about our Half or Full Day Lift Rental rates. Save money by grouping your small projects together and doing it all in one day! 


Send us a message to reserve your lift time today! 

Where to find us
ULift DIY Auto Repair
Salem NH 03079

How to reach us
(603) 490-7884
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